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Outdoor Accent LED Lighting Fixtures: Benefits of LEDs


Outdoor accent LED lighting fixtures are an ideal solution with both home and business applications. LED lighting offers a versatile means of providing warm, welcoming light to any building while keeping costs low. A well-lit building doesn’t just look fantastic, it also helps prevent crime. If you’re thinking about upgrading the exterior lighting on your home or business, it might be worth your time to take a look at the beautiful and efficient lighting created by the LED specialists at Movilume and the finest installers in the GTA.



Traditional incandescent lighting isn’t without its merits, but those merits continue to diminish as LED lighting becomes more widely available. While coloured light bulbs are available, the tedious task of changing them out for each holiday or occasion is less than desirable. LED lighting installed by a reputable dealer like Ablaze Lighting allows users to change the lights to just about any colour at any time through an intuitive and easy-to-use phone app. In addition to the surprising number of colour choices, you’ll also have control over how the lights behave. They can be left on in a static state, but they can also be set up to blink or move as required for your unique needs or desires.


Efficient Lighting

LED lighting is among the most efficient forms of illumination available today. They’re very cost-effective to operate and have a life expectancy of roughly 50,000 hours. That means they can be left on for six to eight hours a day for upwards of 20 years without the need to replace individual bulbs. They can be used in all weather conditions (unlike fluorescent bulbs), generate very little heat (unlike incandescent bulbs), and take no time to warm up like most halogen lighting. When it comes to efficient lighting systems, LEDs made by real craftspeople and installed by true professionals simply cannot be beat.


Crime Prevention

CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) principles state that lighting is among the most important factors in crime prevention. CPTED can be applied to LED lighting in two main ways. First, LED lighting easily beautifies any structure. This sends the message that the property in question is taken care of and that people monitor what happens on the premise. Second, lighting reduces an individual’s ability to hide. There’s no reason to believe that security lighting needs to be bulky and invasive. It can be as easy as installing some stunning outdoor accent LED lighting fixtures.


Outdoor lighting is evolving past the basic needs provided by traditional lighting systems. If your home or business is lacking in the lighting department, it might be time to upgrade to something more versatile, efficient, and secure than the other options on the market today. Consider making the switch to outdoor accent LED lighting fixtures and give the exterior of your building a lighting facelift. It will add whatever mood you’re looking for and can change in seconds without the need for a ladder. Contact the best in the industry today to learn more about how LED lighting can change your home or business for the better.